Tandem Axle Kits 4,000 Lb.

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Trailer axle kit containing two 2,000 Lb. axles without brakes to make a 4,000 capacity tandem trailer design, Contains all necessary springs and mounting hardware.

The 4,000 Lb. tandem axle kits contains:

2 – 2,000 Lb. straight axles with five lug hubs, bearings, seals, lug nuts and grease caps.

1 - Tandem trailer hanger kit for double eye leaf springs with six 3" hangers, two equalizer bars, eight shackle links, fourteen 3"x9/16" shackle bolt, fourteen 9/16" lock nuts.

2 – U-bolt kits with two tie plates, four u-bolts and nuts.

4 – Four two leaf double eye leaf springs 25-1/4"x1-3/4" rated at 1,250 lbs. each.

$283.98 Plus shipping.

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The following stock trailer axle sizes are available:

57" hub face, 46" spring centers with five on 4-1/2" hubs
61" hub face, 46" spring centers with five on 4-1/2" hubs

Special size axles can not be built.

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