Trailer Kits 3,500 Lb. Capacity

Trailer kits to make a trailer with a straight tongue trailer frame design including a 3,500 Lb. trailer axle, four-leaf double eye trailer springs, hanger kit, trailer light kit, safety chain, trailer u-bolt kit, fenders and trailer coupler.

ABC Trailer Parts

The 3500 Lb. straight tounge trailer kit includes the following parts:

1 - Straight trailer axle 3500 Lb. without brakes
2 - Five lug or six lug Hubs with Bearings, seals, grease caps and lug nuts (Assembled onto the axle beam)
1 - 2-3/8" U-bolt kit
2 - Four-leaf double eye springs rated at 1,750 Lbs each 25.25"x1.75"
1 - Single axle hanger kit
2 - 9"x32" Fenders with weld on backs for 14" or 15" wheels
1 - Light kit with wiring harness
2 - Hooked safety chain 3/16"x4'
1 - Trailer coupler for a 2" trailer ball for 2", 2-1/2" or 3" wide tubing

American made axle.


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Trailer axles

Trailer couplers

Trailer fenders

Trailer light kit

Trailer springs

2 - 14" or 15" White spoke Tires & wheels

ST205/75-D14 - ST205/75-D15

Ultra lube spindles are available for $10.00 extra charge per axle.

Ultra-Lube Spindles

The 3,500 Lb. axles are available for the following size trailer frames:

62" Wheel hub face, 48" spring centers for a 50" wide frame.
73" Wheel hub face, 58" spring centers for a 60" wide frame.
85" Wheel hub face, 70" spring centers for a 72" wide frame.
89" Wheel hub face, 74" spring centers for a 76" wide frame.
91" Wheel hub face, 76" spring centers for a 78" wide frame.
95" Wheel hub face, 80" spring centers for an 82" wide frame.

Special size axles can be built for a $16.00 charge per axle.

Available wheel bolt patterns:

Five Lugs on 4-1/2"

Five Lugs on 5"

Five Lugs on 5-1/2"

Five Lug Wheel Bolt Template

trailer axles

Trailer floor screws

Self-taping trailer floor screws, 1/4" by 2-1/4" quantity of 80 for $11.99.


3,500 Lb. A-frame trailer kits

7000 Lb. Tandem axle kits

Swing Jacks

Trailer Fenders


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