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Trailer brake hub drums 12"x2" rated at 3000 Lbs each for 5200 Lb trailer axles with 6 lug bolts on a 5-1/2" bolt pattern. When the brake drum exceeds the maximum diameter cast on the drum, it should be replaced. Brake drums that have been re-machined must be thoroughly checked for chips before re-installation. The drum surface in contact with the magnet is called an armature surface. If the armature surface is unevenly worn or badly scored, the brake drum should be replaced.

Wheel bolt measuring methods for drums with an even number of wheel studs.

On a brake drum with an even number of wheel studs measure from the center of one stud to the center of the stud directly across for the correct wheel bolt pattern.

Trailer Brake Drum

Trailer Bearings

Trailer brake drums with six on 5-1/2" wheel bolt circle for 12" brakes includes:

1 - 1-1/4" outer bearing 15123
1 - 1-3/4" inner bearing 25580
1 – Double lip grease seal # 22333TB (3.37" OD - 2.25" ID)
1 - Inner bearing cup 25520
1 - Outer bearing cup 15245
12 – Lug nuts 1/2"
1 - Grease cap
1 – Spindle nut 1"
1 - Spindle Washer 1"
1 – Cotter Pin


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