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Electronic trailer brake controller for trailers using one or two trailer brake axles with electric brakes.

Accu-Power® POD Brake Controller


- Power-on L.E.D. for a positive tow vehicle-to-trailer connection.

- "Up-front" manual override controls.

- 5 Year Warranty


Tekonsha Voyager

Tekonsha Voyager Electric Trailer Brake Controller Inertia or Pendulum style controllers are enabled by the brake pedal switch and activated by a Pendulum Circuit that senses the vehicle's stopping motion and applies a proportional voltage to the trailer's brakes. The Brake Controller must be mounted and calibrated level.

Voyager is a new industry standard. The Voyager is a brake controller for single, tandem, triple, and four axle trailers equipped with electric brakes. It has a patented sensor that makes traveling a smooth experience. Green LED monitors a secure connection with trailer and changes to red to indicate increase of power to the trailer brakes.


The unit is more attractive, easier to install, and makes better use of space.

Recessed controls protect gain and level settings from accidental readjustment.

Ergonomically designed control lever for easy, accurate gain and level settings.

Traditional 4-wire hookup and under-dash U-bracket assure secure and permanent installation.

System is compatible with virtually any 12-volt, negative ground tow vehicle, foreign or domestic.

Broad control range makes setting quick and easy.

The green LED display tells you that the unit is on and there is a complete circuit with the trailer brakes.

As braking power is applied, the LED changes color gradually from green to red, to indicate relative braking power.

The advanced electronics in the Voyager minimizes false braking, to give you a smoother ride, even on the roughest roads.

Voyager has a five-year limited warranty.

DIMENSIONS 3"W x 5"L x 1.5"H



The new AccuPower® DigiTrac® II Electric Brake controller is an excellent choice for your demanding heavier loads and constantly changing load conditions (as in transportation of horses and live-stock). Digitrac® II is able to detect the difference between a gradual deceleration like slowing to a traffic light and the stopping power required when braking for an unexpected event. It's advanced electronics and patented Inertia Sensing System are designed for consistent and predictable stopping power. The Inertia Sensing System uses two separate power delivery controls - one for the "around town" gradual stopping and one for the urgent sudden stops. The dark smoke lens is ideal for direct light applications, creating optimum visibility to read the large two-digit display. DigiTrac® II's digital display shows voltage output to brakes with additional protection against short circuit or loss of ground. Capable of handling up to 4 axle trailers.

DigiTrac® II Features

· Separate slide controls adjust braking action for different towing loads

· Large easy to read dual digital display shows:

· Properly wired control

· Voltage output to brakes (vs. a percentage output)

· Connection to trailer

· Dark smoke lens ideal for direct light applications; performs better then red lens

· Protection against short circuit and loss of ground

· Standard mounting bracket and ball mount included

· For use on any 12 volt negative ground system




Primus - Proportional Brake Control; 1 to 3 Axle Brake Systems

- Applies power to the trailer brakes in proportion to vehicle's deceleration.

- Utilizes the primary motion sensor of Prodigy and has a one step "Point and Go" set-up.

- Digital display depicts voltage delivery to trailer during braking.

- Pre-assembled wire harness for simple hookup.

- Unique pocket mount allows for flexible mounting options.

- Quick and easy disconnect feature allows user to remove and store the control when not in use.

- Made for up to three-axle trailer brake systems.

- Meets N.H.T.S.A. regulations regarding tow vehicle/trailer light activation.

- 15 Year warranty (some conditions apply).

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